SnuggleStraps: $14.99
SnuggleStraps prevent discomfort and red marks caused by CPAP Straps. They work on all mask straps and are made of the same soft, breathable fleece material. To use, just wrap the SnuggleStraps around your CPAP mask straps and secure the velcro strips.

SnuggleHose: $25.00
It makes the CPAP hose softer & warmer, matches your personality & decor, decreases condensation from the humidifier and gives the CPAP machine a friendlier, less medical look.

Pur-Sleep Aromatherapy Oils: $29.99
Just a few drops of one of our essential oil blends is all it takes to transform your CPAP into a dream machine.

Hose Buddy: $70.00
Tangle Free CPAP Hose Suspension System

PAPillow: 69.00
Aids in the prevention of mask leaks and sore spots. This pillow was designed to help side sleepers wear a mask comfortably without leakage. It elevates and positions the head so that the mask extends over the edge of the pillow, rather than pressing into it.

Power Adaptor Plugs: $25.00
World Traveler Adapter Plugs are designed to adapt your standard AC plug into one that fits into foreign wall sockets. Adapters are for use with dual voltage electronics or other voltage converters that accept polarized plugs.

Power Inverters: $55.00
Converts 12 Volt DC Vehicle power to 120 Volt AC household power.

CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream: $7.99
This product is designed to help prevent skin problems such as chafing, irritation, dryness or cracking from using a CPAP mask or other delivery device.

Control III: $16.00
A concentrated disinfecting mask cleaner.

CPAP Medical Equipment Carry On Luggage Tag: $10.00
This tag may be helpful in identifying CPAP/Bilevel equipment at security checkpoints and in allowing the equipment to be carried aboard aircraft outside the carry-on luggage item limit

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