Supply Replacement Program

Sleep therapy patients tend to lose track of time when it comes to replacing disposable supplies such as their : Mask, Nasal Pillows, Headgear, Hoses, Filters, Humidifier Chambers and etc�

Regular replacement of your supplies helps promote a clean and healthy therapy by subsiding possible infection(s) from germ and/or bacteria growth. Routine filter changing assists in providing clean air flow to your airways and increases the lifespan of your machine. Although we wash our supplies on a regular schedule, or at least many of us attempt to, this may not always be enough. That's why Health Management Services has enabled two helpful programs. Every patient can now remember, hassle free, when to replace their supplies.

Common Problems
Listed are common issues associated when supplies are not replaced regularly:

Mask / Pillow / Headgear

Continuous usage and washing of the silicone of the mask cushion or pillows can lead to the mask and/or pillows losing their shape or form causing a poor, improper seal. This may also lead to over-tightening of the mask, leaving red marks on the face in the morning and stretching out your headgear in the process. Many patients' natural skin oils tend to break down the mask cushion and/or pillows as well. Mask frames are not designed to last an extensively long time, they too can become brittle over time from daily usage and movement resulting in the plastic frame breaking and or cracking.


This hose is one of the most important tools you use in your therapy. Hoses tend to trap airborne bacteria and germs very easily due to their ribbed form, especially if used with a humidifier. Washing your hose is very important for promoting a health therapy. This is not always done easily since it is somewhat impossible to scrub the inside of the hose, unless you have some form of a long brush. Silicone hose ends can also become worn and tend to slip off the mask and/or machine with ease. It is also important to look for any tiny holes and/or tears in the hose(s), especially around the silicone ends. Holes and/or tears can cause air leakage affecting the proper pressure to treat your sleep apnea.


Many sleep therapy machines use only the disposable filter, though some machine manufacturers use a reusable foam filter along with a disposable fine bacteria filter (optional). Disposable filters should be checked regularly for cleanliness and replaced every 30 days, or earlier if discolored. The fine bacteria filters filter out small particles such as allergens and bacteria. Reusable filters should be washed and air dried weekly and replaced when they become brittle or discolored.

Humidifier Chamber (Heated)

Chambers, if used with distilled water and cleaned properly, should last for a good duration. If you are not using distilled water, minerals and additives from other water sources may film the chamber and also burn tiny holes in the bottom plate of some chambers.


These tend to lose elasticity over time and the Velcro attachments loose original shape.